Do you wish all your brokers could close a deal like you? The Bdollar$mart system quickly and effectively trains your agents while providing clients with a more enjoyable, financial planning experience.

A Better Way to Onboard Clients

Let's face it, the sales process in the financial services industry has become increasingly complicated.

Most firms now offer multiple service lines. Many of the underlying products possess variables that change every year. This makes it very difficult and time-consuming to develop new competent agents.

Cultural changes have affected our industry as well. Due to social media, the attention span of a client has gone from an hour down to 5 or 10 minutes.

All of this makes it more challenging than ever to recruit, develop and retain successful representatives.

The Bdollar$mart Plan

Why Choose Bdollar$mart?

With over 75 years of financial management experience, we understand the grind it takes to be successful in this industry. We also know the archaic way of doing business is not sustainable. That's why we developed the Bdollar$mart system. Access the system and join us as we turn the financial industry upside down.

Benefits of the Bdollar$mart System

The comprehensive Bdollar$mart system shifts agents from being salesmen to consultants so they can successfully guide the client toward thier best financial decisions. Discover the benefits of Bdollar$mart.
  1. 1 Duplicatable system
  2. 2 Saves time
  3. 3 Simple, step-by-step training
  4. 4 Engages clients
  5. 5 Gives clients ownership in their financial decisions
  6. 6 Maximizes sales
  7. 7 Increases agent retention
  8. 8 Builds agent confidence
  9. 9 Available 24/7 via mobile app

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